The coach Clémence Hessels

Womencoach and midwife

I am Clémence Hessels born in 1969 married and mother of two children
As a midwife and mother I experienced what an impact a traumatic childbirth and loss can have.
After getting acquainted with the knowledge of Diana Koster it became clear to me that I wanted to work as a midwife and a womencoach as well to offer men and women specialized care around pregnancy, birth and parenthood.
For 23 years I worked as a flight attendant and learned, experienced and saw a lot.

I graduated in 2002 as a midwife and have combined the two jobs until 2015. After that I fully concentrated on midwifery and coaching.
I graduated in 2018 from the study post HBO Life Coach at ATMA institute and started my coaching practice called Waves Coaching. I follow courses and symposia to keep my knowledge up to date.
Besides Waves Coaching I work as an acting midwife.
Feel Welcome at Waves Coaching!

Member of LKPZ, Stichting bevallingstrauma and the KNOV