Processing and support

…. Because sometimes being pregnant or becoming pregnant or being a mother isn’t what you expected. This can bring a lot of mixed feelings……

Waves Coaching offers support when you:

  • Are not on cloud nine..
  • If the thought of the delivery gives you fear
  • Went through a traumatic child birth
  • Are pregnant after the loss of your baby
  • Are having gloom- or depression related feelings
  • Experienced a miscarriage or termination of pregnancy
  • Counseling for loss and grief
  • Notice that unresolved grief comes up during your pregnancy or the period after childbirth
  • Having trouble finding your balance in your new situation as a mother, partner or employee

A childbirth trauma can have a great effect on your life. Sometimes you need more time to heal and recover from your delivery. A trauma at childbirth not only leaves mental scars but also has an influence on your physical well being.
As a midwide and womenscoach I can help you find insight and sometimes explain the how and why of the course of events. By coaching you through all the different feelings and thoughts I can help you after a traumatic childbirth.
It sometimes takes time to find your balance again after pregnancy and childbrith.
It may be difficult combining all the different roles: being a mother, colleague, partner, friend.
How do you manage to be in control and enjoy all the different roles?
As a coach I can guide you…

Are you in doubt whether coaching is helpful for you?
Just give me a call and we can talk it through..
Please feel welcome and supported.


'I met Clémence through an hospital stay at the last stage of my pregnancy.
I found Clémence to be an honest, open, knowledgeable and bold coach and midwife.
She doesn’t only look at the baby, but also at the mother to be. She really looks and listens. She gave me the final push to confidance that I needed for my delivery. Just by talking, asking questions and giving me ankers that I needed so during that period.
The visualization was very special, Clémence made me find the centre of my tension and insecurity. By having this exercise something resolved. I needed this to have a complete focus for the delivery. I am still grateful to Clémence,
Sincerely Jefke'