Coping with loss

Somebody to walk by your side

'Mourning is not something to process, you survive your loss and live with it. People try to survive their loss.You will not overcome but take it with you in your life.Compare it to a shadow.Grieving after a loss will stay with you during your lifetime just like your shadow follows you everywhere.Your shadow may sometimes be small or big, sometimes ahead of you and sometimes behind or next to you.Sometimes you see it and sometimes it is invisible.You can turn the corner of a street and all of a sudden she is right in front of you again. She will follow every step you take. It is the same with grief. It can be present at a moment when you least expect it to be.'
Manu Keirse

Waves Coaching offers help after loss and personal care for men and women who have experienced loss through miscarriage or an abortion a short or long time ago and would like the help of a specialized midwife and coach, You don’t have to be alone in this.

In life you can experience all kinds of loss. This may disturb your balance.
Emotions play a big role and nothing seems to be the same and just as Manu Keirse put it you are in survival mode. If stricken by loss of a loved one, health, a relationship or job, you are taken aback by this loss.
Often you find support in your surroundings, friends or family and they help you the best they can.
Sometimes that is not enough and you cannot make it alone and are in need of professional help. Someone who helps you by being by your side for a little while.

If you think that you are in need of professional help feel free to contact me and see whether you would like the support of Waves Coaching


'Clémence helped me well after the loss of my husband.Through conversations and exercises it helped me with my grief. I am very grateful to her.'
Mrs C.